• 26 May 2024

    [Improved] - Live Expected Goals (xG) - V2 only

    Live Expected Goals (xG) is out of Beta and more stats were added for PRO members:

    • Expected Goals (xG)
    • Expected Goals on Target (xGoT)
    • Shooting Performance (SP)
    • Expected Goals Non Penalty Goals (npxG)
    • Expected Goals Open Play (xGOP)
    • Expected Goals Set Play (xGSP)
  • 10 Apr 2024

    [Added] - Backtesting V2 - Beta Release!

    This version is based on the V2 data format.

    The most important feature is the extended date range, you can now run a backtest on periods longer than 1 year.
    It also comes with more outcomes available to be backtested.

    Backtesting V2 documentation
  • 18 Mar 2024

    [Added] - Live Expected Goals (xG) - Beta

    Live xG is available on game page. This feature is in Beta and values might be not 100% accurate.

    Available leagues:

    • Champions League
    • Europa League
    • Premier League
    • Championship
    • League One
    • League Two
    • FA Cup
    • Carabao Cup
    • EFL Trophy
    • Eredivisie
    • Eerste Divisie
    • Bundesliga
    • 2. Bundesliga
    • DFB Pokal
    • Bundesliga Play-offs
    • 2. Bundesliga Play-offs
    • Admiral Bundesliga
    • Pro League
    • Superliga
    • Ligue 1
    • Coupe de France
    • Serie A
    • Coppa Italia
    • Eliteserien
    • Liga Portugal
    • Premiership
    • La Liga
    • Copa Del Rey
    • Allsvenskan
    • Super League
    • Super Lig
    • Superliga
    • Serie A
    • Liga MX
    • Major League Soccer
    • Pro League
    • J-League
    • Indian Super League
    • Africa Cup of Nations
    • Copa Libertadores
    • Euro Qualification
    • A-League Men
    • UEFA Nations League
    • Copa de la Superliga
    • Europa Conference League
    • Primeira Liga - Play-offs
  • 14 Nov 2023

    [Added] - MakeYourStats V2 - Alpha Release!

    We've rolled out MakeYourStats V2 in its Alpha version, and it's all about boosting the nuts and bolts behind the scenes. While the look and features remain the same for now, our revamp on how we calculate and gather stats sets the stage for easier future feature additions and the most accurate stats out there.

    πŸš€ Access V2: For now, you can find V2 exclusively on our website: V2 Link

    🐞 Alpha Phase: This means there might be hiccups in the data. We're counting on your eagle eyes to flag any bugsβ€”hit us up via our contact form. If you are a PRO user, you can provide feedback in Discord channel.

    🎯 Exclusive V2: All the shiny new features will pop up only in this version.

    πŸ”” V1 & Alerts: Current alerts and V1 rely on older data. We'll shift alerts to V2 once we're out of the Alpha and Beta phases.

    Get exploring and don't forget to share your feedback! πŸ“Šβœ¨
  • 20 Sep 2023

    [Improved] - Lineups tab on game page redesign and improvments
  • 08 Aug 2023

    [Added] - Home/Away standings on game page
  • 11 Jul 2023

    [Improved] - "Tracking" page speed
  • 21 Mar 2023

    [Modified] - Updated backtesting "Add green leagues to filter" logic

    When you use "Add green leagues to filter" from backtesting, all the leagues from the filter, if any, will be removed and only the green leagues from current backtesting session will be added as filter's leagues.
  • 04 Mar 2023

    [Modified] - Enabled backtesting with filters from live->pressure index tab

    Filters from pressure index category can now be used from backtesting. Data is available starting with 04 March 2023.
  • 12 Feb 2023

    [Added] - Asian handicap odds for filters

    Added filters by Ashian Handicap (AH) odds for result, goals, corners and cards. You can find it in the filters modal inside Odds -> Pre match tab.
  • 08 Feb 2023

    [Added] - Pressure index to individual alerts

    Pressure index criteria is now available for individual game alerts.
  • 24 Jan 2023

    [Improved] - Backtesting

    All filters and alerts are now available for backtesting.
    Also, filter by all games stats is possible now, before you could have used only home/away games stats.
  • 14 Jan 2023

    [Added] - Desired result for filters/alerts

    For every saved filter or alert, you can choose a desired result. This desired result will help you to know what to bet on for games found by that filter.
    The desired result will be shown in the notifications received for the alert.

    [Added] - Home/Away HT goals for Excel export
  • 12 Jan 2023

    [Improved] - My Filters/Alerts navigation

    Your saved filters and alerts are now split into sub-tabs inside the "My filters/Alerts" tab of the filters modal.
  • 10 Jan 2023

    [Added] - Position colors for standings

    Each position in the standings has a color to show the outcome, e.g. Champions League qualification or relegation
  • 12 Nov 2022

    [Added] - Share a filter

    Every filter has now a link that can be shared with anyone you want.
    You can do that from 'Filters/Alerts modal'. After you select the filter, click on the 'Share' button located next to 'Clone' button. The link will be copied to clipboard and you can use it as you wish.
  • 06 Nov 2022

    [Added] - Save filter name for a game

    You can now see if a game was found by multiple filters.
    This can be achieved in 2 steps for each filter:

    1. Apply desired filter
    2. After games are loaded, add all games to 'My games' section using bulk method ('Star' button next to green 'Download' button on top of the feed)

    Repeat the above steps for as many filters as you want and you will see a list of filter names for each game, both in the main feed and in 'My games' section.

    Detailed example
  • 29 Oct 2022

    [Modified] - Changed bets desing for 'My games'

    For games added to 'My games', you will see selected bets as a list for each game instead of multiple categories in the 'My games' section.
    Selected bets will be available in the main feed too.
  • 19 Oct 2022

    [Added] - Add all games from a filter to 'My games'

    After you apply a filter, you will be able to add all games resulting from that filter to 'My games' section.
    The button is available next to 'Download' and 'Filters/Alerts' buttons on top.

    Any bet that you select will be appended to existing bets (if any) for a game.
    If you click on 'Remove' button it will remove all games for that filter from 'My games' section.
  • 06 Oct 2022

    [Updated] - Explore filters page

    Filters - now you can see only filters with backtesting results, at least 100 games and yield greater than -20%.
    Alerts - updated to see only alerts with at least 100 tracked games. Alerts are now ordered by descending win rate.
  • 17 Sep 2022

    [Added] - Explore filters page

    The new page shows all filters from all users.
    For the moment you can only see othe filters/alerts as an inspiration, but long term goal is to be able to discover profitable filter or alerts.
  • 28 Aug 2022

    [Added] - Discord Community (PRO only)

    I have created a Discord Community where we can discuss football strategies/filters/games, etc.
    You can find the invite link inside My Account page. After you join, please send @Vlad a DM with your MakeYourStats email so you can get full access.
  • 17 Aug 2022

    [Modified] - PPG in game page

    Added PPG (Points Per Game) stats inside game page.
  • 31 Jul 2022

    [Added] - LIVE odds inside the feed

    LIVE odds are now available for live games and are highlighted with a red border.
    For the first version will be shown only selected LIVE odds: FT 1X2, Over/Under game goals, BTTS, FH 1X2, Home goals, Away goals and Corners.
  • 28 Jul 2022

    [Added] - Odds inside the feed [Beta]

    For the fist version will be shown only selected pre match odds: FT 1X2, Over/Under 2.5 game goals, BTTS, FH 1X2, Corners.
    In the next versions you will be able to customize the odds, live odds will be added and more features related to this will be added.
  • 21 Jul 2022

    [Added] - Filter by league position

    Filter by local team / visitor team league position is now available in the filters/alerts section and in backtesting page.
  • 16 Jul 2022

    [Added] - Removed PG (Played games) and PPG (Points per game) from feed

    Both statistics were moved inside feeds section and now can be added as a box to the feed instead of showing it for each feed.
  • 09 Jul 2022

    [Added] - Under 2.5 game goals to quick stats section

    [Modified] - Filter by number of games for local team or number of games for visitor team instead of both teams.
  • 06 Jul 2022

    [Added] - Shots off target icon inside live feed

    Shots off target are now shown next to shots on target icon on the live feed.
  • 05 Jul 2022

    [Added] - xG rankings on league page

    On each league page (where xG data is available) a rankings tab containing xG data for each team in the league was added.
  • 26 Jun 2022

    [Updated] - Improved backtesting page

    The speed of the filter is improved.
    Backtesting results are calculated by day instead of league as before. This leads to more results and more leagues analysed.
    Backtesting results can now be saved and updated every day with new results [PRO].
    'Green leagues' can be directly added to filter with one click of a button.
    Existing filters can be directly edited inside the page.
  • 26 May 2022

    [Added] - Extra stats added to feeds, filters and team page
  • 25 May 2022

    [Added] - Extra stats

    New stats added on game page: Avg. possession, Avg. attacks, Avg. dangerous attacks, Avg. shots on target, Avg. shots off target, Avg. shots, Avg. shots for a goal, Avg. shots inside box, Avg. shots outside box
    In the next days we will add this stats to feeds, filters/alerts, backtesting and team page.
  • 01 Apr 2022

    [Added] - Download games as Excel file

    After you apply a filter you can download all the games for that filter as a .xlsx file. The file contains all the games details including start time, league name, team names, live stats and pre games stats from your selected feed. You can switch feed and download file again if you want to change pre game stats.
    The file can be downloaded from the green 'Download' button on top of the feed, next to 'Filters/Alerts' button.
  • 24 Mar 2022

    [Added] - Download alerts tracking as Excel file

    You can download full history of your alerts as an Excel file for each type of alert in your account. Feature is available only on desktop or mobile version of the website.
  • 02 Mar 2022

    [Added] - Stats rankings pages

    Top teams for certain stats: BTTS, xG, Over 1.5 goals, Over 2.5 goals, Over 0.5 First Half goals, Corners, Cards.
  • 07 Feb 2022

    [Added] - New filters: Home difference / Away difference

    You can find the new filter in the Filter / Alerts modal under the 'Live' tab.
    E.g. if you want to search all games where home team has 2 goals advantage, you have to put 2 for the min. value in the Home difference filter.
    This can be really helpful, for example, combined with live result filter, if you want to create a filter where the underdog is winning during a live game.

    [Added] - New filters: Sort by average pressure index The filter can be found in the Filter / Alerts modal under 'Live -> Pressure index' tab.
    Three options were added: Average P.I., Home average P.I., Away average P.I.
    This filter is really helpful to have an overview of the pressure index for a game. The other pressure index values are for the last minute (the moment of the game), average values are for all game.

    [Added] - Sort by average pressure index
    Now you have 2 options available: Sort by total P.I. (the moment of the game), Sort by average P.I. (all game)
  • 31 Jan 2022

    [Added] - New filter: Live result

    You can find the new filter in the Filter / Alerts modal under 'Live' tab.
    Filter has 3 options: Home win, Draw, Away win which are self explanatory.
  • 18 Jan 2022

    [Added] - Earn PRO section

    Introducing Earn section.
    You can earn free days of PRO account by doing specific actions.
    More actions coming soon.
  • 07 Jan 2022

    [Added] - Select last games for a filter

    This is a small, but important change.
    Now you can select number of games that stats are based on for each filter.
    This is important because from now on global alerts will take this into consideration, until now global alerts took into consideration stats based on last 5 games.
    All filters has last 5 games by default, you need to update your filter if you want to change this.
  • 16 Dec 2021

    [Updated] - Free info

    Standings and odds are now available for all users no matter of account type.
    More stats for goals FH, goals SH, corners and cards are now available in game page.
    Full stats are available for free on team page. Click on team name from game page.
  • 13 Dec 2021

    [Added] - Team page

    Each team now have its own page containing fixtures, results, stats and squad.
    You can access team page from game page, standings tab, league page fixtures list by clicking on team name.

    [Added] - Filter by last 5 min. / last 10 min. corners
  • 10 Nov 2021

    [Added] - Last alerts tab in tracking page

    We added option for user to see last 100 alerts (global or individual). Alerts are shown in a descending order by sending time.
  • 09 Nov 2021

    [Added] - Favourite games in quick stats page and game page

    Quickly add a game to favorites directly from the game page or from the quick stats page.
  • 14 Oct 2021

    [Added] - Desktop notifications

    Receive desktop notifications for your alerts. Guide
  • 29 Sep 2021

    [Added] - Extend date selector for fixtures

    In the main fixtures page we added a calendar which will allow you to search for fixtures in the past.
    You can use your filters on past dates, also sorting is available for past dates.
  • 23 Sep 2021

    [Added] - Standings position for each team in H2H

    For each game in H2H tab you can now see league position for each team at the moment of the game.
  • 07 Sep 2021

    [Added] - Pressure index view

    Inside LIVE page you can now switch between usual stats view and the new pressure index view.
    Pressure index view will show live games and pressure index chart for each game helping you to quickly spot games with high pressure.
  • 09 Jul 2021

    [Added] - League page

    Every league in the world now has its own page. On this page you can find past results and upcoming fixtures, standings and league stats (goals, corners, cards, etc.).
    The league is accessible from the leagues page, feed page and game page.
  • 31 May 2021

    [Added] - Quick stats page

    On the quick stats page you can check games suitable for Home win, Away win, Over 0.5 FH goals, Over 1.5 game goals, Over 2.5 game goals, BTTS, Over 8.5 game corners based on selected stats for each category.
    You can see stats, check odds and go to game page to check more stats, standings, h2h, lineups.
  • 22 Apr 2021

    [Added] - Expected Goals (xG)

    The most requested feature is here. We added Expected Goals (xG) and Expected Goals Against (xGA) for a big number of leagues.
    More details here: Wyscout Expected goals (xG)

    [Modified] - Step for odds filters is now 0.01 instead of 0.1. For example, before this change you could choose 1.2 1.3 odds only, but now you can choose 1.25 1.26 odds.
  • 28 Mar 2021

    [Added] - Change filter type

    You can now change the filter type. You can choose between home/away and all games.
    Home/away filter is applied for stats based on home games for local team and away games for visitor team.
    All filter is applied for stats based on all games for each team.
    Stats shown in feed will be changed accordingly with the filter. By default filter and feed are shown based on home/away games stats.

    [Added] - Sort by Total Pressure Index

    [Added] - Over 0.5 goals filter
  • 04 Mar 2021

    [Added] - Filter by pressure index

    You can now set a filter based on pressure index and see only the games with a high pressure in play
    You can also combine it with a filter for shots or goals in the last 5/10 minutes
  • 25 Feb 2021

    [Added] - New leagues to backtesting tool

    • England - League One
    • England - League Two
    • Poland - 1.Liga
    • Brazil - Serie C
    • Netherlands - Tweede Divisie
    • Chile - Primera B
    • Chile - Segunda Division
    • Uruguay - Segunda Division
    • Belarus - Vysshaya Liga
    • Belarus - Pershaya Liga
    • Bulgaria - Vtora Liga
    • Croatia - 2.HNL
    • Turkey - 1.Lig
  • 12 Feb 2021

    [Added] - Add leagues from backtesting to a filter with one click

    [Fix] - Backtesting bugs on filter save when filter contains leagues
  • 10 Feb 2021

    [Added] - League performances in Tracking page for global alerts

    [Added] - Switch between win / lost / win&lost results for each global alert

    [Added] - New leagues to backtesting tool

    • Lithuania - A Lyga
    • Moldova - National Division
    • Estonia - Meistrilliga
    • Albania - Superliga
    • Malta - Premier League
    • Bolivia - Liga de Futbol
    • Germany - Liga de Futbol
    • Japan - League 1
    • Canada - Premier League
    • Norway - Obos-Ligaen
  • 08 Feb 2021

    [Added] - Filter by leagues. Apply a filter only for specific leagues. Guide

    [Added] - Filter by leagues in backtesting
  • 04 Feb 2021

    [Added] - Create, test and save new filters directly from backtesting tool
  • 01 Feb 2021

    [Added] - Backtesting new desired results: Over/Under 0.5 game goals / Over Under 0.5 team goals / Over Under 0.5 - 1.5 SH goals

    [Added] - Backtesting: sort by yield by default / show only green leagues

    [Added] - New leagues to backtesting tool

    • Scotland - Premiership
    • Sweden - Allsvenskan
    • Sweden - Superettan
    • Switzerland - Super League
    • Chile - Primera Division
    • Ukraine - Persha Liga
    • Australia - A League
    • Peru - Primera Division
    • Colombia - Liga BetPlay
    • Northern Ireland - Premiership
    • Norway - Eliteserien
  • 30 Jan 2021

    [Added] - 'More' menu for mobile app

    [Added] - Alerts tracking and backtesting available in mobile app
  • 22 Jan 2021

    [Added] - Backtesting. Check your filters win rate on games from previous seasons
  • 19 Jan 2021

    [Added] - Last 5' / Last 10' live stats. Check live stats for last 5 or last 10 minutes
  • 03 Jan 2021

    [Added] - Pressure index percentage / Pressure index median line [Added] - New stats: over 1.5 team goals / over 1.5 team goals against / over 2.5 & btts. Stats available for filters and feeds
  • 30 Dec 2020

    [Added] - New stats: win/draw/lost percentages for ft/ht/sh. Stats available for filters and fields
  • 19 Dec 2020

    [Fix] - Pressure index chart design [Fix] - Logout issues
  • 16 Dec 2020

    [Added] - Tracking alerts. Page for all sent global and individual alerts. Mark each alert as win/lost and get win perentage calculated for each alert.
  • 12 Dec 2020

    [Fix] Pressure index bug when no data was available

    [Fix] My games page bug when more than 30 games on the page
  • 10 Dec 2020

    [Added] Goals and corners minutes chart. You can check goals and corner minutes splitted on 5 minute interval.

    [Added] New filter options: 0-10, 35-45, 80-90 corners minutes
  • 02 Dec 2020

    [Added] Results available for past 3 days. You can see finished games from past days, apply filters, check results, etc.

    [Added] Inplay pressure index. Almost all games will have a pressure index based on last 5 minutes data, calculated from shots on target, shots off target, dangerous attacks
  • 28 Nov 2020

    [Added] Switch feeds in main screen. You can now switch between feeds with one click from main page of the app
  • 18 Nov 2020

    [Added] Individual alerts. Set alerts based on live stats and live odds from game page - Guide
  • 14 Nov 2020

    [Added] Sort games in feed by any stats in the feed

    [Added] Sort games by live stats (Corners, Yellow Cards, Shots on target, Total shots, Attacks, Dangerous attacks)