Bet builder guide for football betting

published on 25 January 2022

What is a bet builder

A bet builder is a type of wager that allows the punter to create a customized bet by selecting multiple outcomes from different markets for the same match. In most cases, this will be an event with several potential outcomes (e.g. match result, btts, over/under first goalscorer, correct score), each with its own odds. The bet builder allows you to combine these selections into one single wager, with increased odds as a result.

How to create a bet builder

To create a bet builder, you first need to select the event you want to bet on. Most of the bookmakers offer bet builder option for all football matches in their offer.

Once you have selected the event, you then need to select the outcomes that you want to bet on. This can be of any type, such as a match result, btts, over/under, first goalscorer, correct score, etc. Each outcome will have its own set of odds, so be sure to pick the ones that offer the best value for money.

After selecting all of your desired outcomes, you then need to enter the amount you want to bet. The bet builder will then calculate your total odds and show you how much money you will bet, as well as how much you will win if the bet is successful.

Note that bet builder odds are generally not as high as its single bet equivalent, but by combining multiple outcomes, you can increase your chance of winning.

Choosing matches for bet builder

On the Makeyourstats fixtures page, you can create a filter based on your football stats that you are looking for.

For example, I have created a filter to get fixtures with over 1.5 goals in a minimum of 80% of past matches and over 7.5 corners in a minimum of 75% of past matches.

> How to create a filter on Makeyourstats

I came up with Hearts vs Celtic as a match that matched my filter criteria: 80% for over 1.5 game goals and 90% for over 7.5 game corners.

Makeyourstats football stats
Makeyourstats football stats

You can create a bet builder with all these options: over 1.5 goals, over 7.5 corners and if you want to increase odds you can add over 0.5 goals in the second half and over 3.5 corners in the second half.

Bet365 bet builder
Bet365 bet builder

Bet builder vs Acca

The main difference between a bet builder and an Acca is the fact that the bet builder is used with multiple selections for the same match while an Acca is created using multiple selections from different matches.

You can't combine different markets from the same match on an Acca, but you can do that on a bet builder. On a bet builder, you can't combine selections from multiple matches, but you can on an Acca.

Bookmakers that offer bet builder option

Various bookmakers offer bet builders for both pre-match and live bet options. The bet builder is a good tool to use if you want to bet with higher odds, although your potential winnings will also be lower than when betting with single bet equivalent odds.

Bet365 bet builder

You can create a bet builder up to 12 selections for every football match in their offer. All selections must win in order to win the bet builder.

To create a bet builder navigate to desired football match page and click on the 'Bet builder' tab on top of the page.

Bet365 bet builder
Bet365 bet builder

You can select 'Reuse previous Bet Builder selections' to instantly add your previous selections to the Bet Builder coupon allowing you to easily create new combinations.

Bet365 bet builder rules

Betfair bet builder

On Betfair, bet buiIder was formerly known as 'Same Game Multi'.

You can add up to 20 selections from multiple markets on a bet builder. They have an interesting offer: "Bet £20 on Bet Builders (or multiples) over the course of a day and get a £5 free bet to use on Bet Builders or multiples!"

To place a Bet Builder click on the Bet Builder tab on top of your desired match screen and you will see all available betting markets for this match.

Betfair bet builder
Betfair bet builder

Betfair bet builder rules

Unibet bet builder

On Unibet, you can create a bet builder with up to 12 selections, but only on pre-match markets. The option is not available on all football matches, but only on the biggest leagues.

To create a bet builder go on the football match page and click on the 'Bet builder' menu on top of the page.

Unibet bet builder
Unibet bet builder

Unibet bet builder rules

888 Sport bet builder

They don't offer many details about bet builder, but this option is available for both pre-match and in-play football matches.

You can find the 'Bet builder' option on every match page on top of the page menu.

888 Sport bet builder
888 Sport bet builder

888 Sport bet builder rules

BetVictor bet builder

On BetVictor, you have multiple places where you can find the Bet builder option. On the football page, you have a 'Bet builder' menu on top of the page. After you select it you have 4 options for it:

  • Build your own: all available games that have a bet builder option
  • All pre-built Bet Builders: pre-match bet builders created by BetVictor
  • Premier League Pre-Built Bet Builders: bet builders for Premier Leagues matches
  • Bet Builder multiples
BetVictor bet builder options
BetVictor bet builder options

Also, you can find it on every match page on the menu from top of the page.


BetVictor bet builder rules

Ladbrokes bet builder

On Ladbrokes, 'Bet builder' can be found on every football match page, on the menu on top of the page.

They don't have a limit for the number of selections that can be added to a bet builder. Also, almost every market is available for bet builder and the interface is very similar to Coral.

Bet builder general rules

  • Bet builder bets cannot be combined with other bet builder bets
  • Usually, there is a limitation in the number of selections for a bet builder
  • If one selection is void the bet builder is void
  • You can't cash out a bet builder

Advantages of using a bet builder in football betting

  • You can bet on multiple markets for the same football match
  • You get better odds
  • It is fun interesting. For example, you can bet on Manchester City to win the game and on Manchester United to score and get a card on the same bet.

Disadvantages of using a bet builder

  • You can bet on a limited number of markets
  • You can't combine multiple bet builders for multiple matches
  • Not all the bookmakers are offering bet builder option

Bet builder allows you to customize your bets by selecting different outcomes on a variety of sporting events. You can choose the teams, the odds, and even the amount you want to wager. This can be a great way to build your bankroll and increase your chances of winning big!

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